Alexander The Framer

I have the good fortune of coming from a long line of celebrated British artists on both sides of my mother's family. She is Chloë Elizabeth Talbot Kelly, respected world wide as one of the best living bird illustrators. Chloë started painting at The Natural History Museum, London in 1945.

On July 1st 1984 we went into business together as Bespoke Picture Framers and Restorers.

I take great pride in the fact that all of my equipment is antique and designed and built solely for the purpose of bespoke frame making. Bespoke is the custom making of something to the client's exact orders by hand.

My Own Personal Artisan's Creed:

I do this for the love of it.

I do this for the sake of art for art's sake.

I do this to continue the history of traditional British handicrafts.

I do this to give the best possible service to my clients I can.

I do this to make them happy and myself proud.

I do this to get paid and make my own way in the world.

I do this to live.

I am an artisan.


Leicester Picture Framing
7th August 2020

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